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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oil Warmer Adapters

I have a new found love for my Pod is the Oil Warmer Adapters that you can use the Gold Canyon Home Fragrance Oil with. As you can see in the picture, the Oil Warmer Adapter comes in two colors, black and tan and are $5.98 each. The Home Fragrances Oils come in 6 different fragrances, Clean Sheets, Cozy Christmas, Holiday Wreath, Pomegranate, Sugar Cookie and Sweet Pea and are $6.98 per bottle.

The Oil Warmer Adapter's instructions say pour 100 drops (the bottle itself has 100 drop lines so you don't actually have to count them) of the Home Fragrance Oil in the adapter. There are 3 applications in each bottle.

I was curious to see how long 100 drops would last and over the past 2 days, I have ran my Pod Warmer with Pomegranate Oil for 16 hours and I still have a strong smell and plenty of oil left in my adapter. I am so excited!

The great thing about warmer the Home Fragrance Oil versus the Scent Pods is the almost instant smell that permeates through your home. It is such a strong and immediate smell and you don't have to wait for the wax in the Scent Pods to heat up before you smell anything, which could take 25-40 minutes sometimes. Also, it is cheaper than the Scent Pods. Scent Pods are rated to last 20 hours, but most of you that use the Scent Pods know that you can get much more use out of them if you use your timer correctly and let the wax rest. (I get an average of 30-40 hours out of each of my Scent Pods.) The Home Fragrance Oil has enough oil for 3 applications. If each application last for more than 20+ hours, you will get 60+ hours of fragrance for $6.98 versus $5.98 for the Scent Pods.

The down side to the Home Fragrance Oils are you have to purchase the Oil Warmer Adapter which only comes in two colors, but it is reusable. They are $5.98 each. Another downside is the fragrance selection options. I am sure after the oils gain more popularity, that the selections will increase, but right now it is limited. Another con is that when you are not using your Pod Warmer, the oil is still liquid. This may not matter to some, but if you accidentally knock your Pod Warmer while not in use, the oil will spill out (of course this would happen with liquefied Scent Pods as well).

All in all, I love this new Pod Warmer option. I am thrilled with the instant smell gratification without having to wait for my Scent Pod to melt. Even though I have only used my Adapter for 16 hours, I feel like I will at least get another 16 hours out of this first application.

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  1. I personally have always loved oil warmers. I love how well they can diffuse scent throughout my house. Some of them are really cool looking just a decorations! I have quite a few and I love the look they add to my home. Thanks for the post!